How to Read Autopilot

I suppose this would have been more helpful earlier, but here it is for any new readers or anyone who wants to read it again. Think of this as the director's commentary for the second time through. I designed each chapter to be short enough that anyone could pick it up and get through a chapter, even if they only have 10-15 minutes per day to read. But that way you do lose some of the flow and perhaps some of the references if it doesn't stay fresh in your mind.

On the other hand, some people are likely to carve out a few hours on a Sunday afternoon and finish it in one sitting and I'm not sure that's the best either. Sure it's fresh in your mind, but you don't get a chance to absorb and reflect on what you've read.

If you asked me, I look at it like a season of 24. They have six DVD's with 4 episodes each and watching 4 episodes in a night engrosses you in the story. Any more than that and it will all blend together.

Here are the six parts of Autopilot, as I see them:

Part 1: Chapters 1-4
Part 2: Chapters 5-8
Part 3: Chapters 9-12
Part 4: Chapters 13-15
Part 5: Chapters 16-18
Part 6: Chapters 19-21

So I would recommend reading one part per day, and finish the whole thing in a week. Personally, I love parts 4-6 the most. And I think parts 1 and 2 are better the second time around.